Processing results for the dairy sector

Acton are busy keeping the milk flowing for hard working farmers

Acton are a very busy company working in the dairy processing sector and act as consultants to install all manner of plant machinery and equipment. So from the cow to your bowl of cornflakes, they keep everything running smoothly and we were involved in the business when they were desperate for a new look and we rebranded everything from the logo and stationery to bespoke mugs and coasters.

As a result of the business expanding and developing so well, they have set up a sister business to service and sell used dairy processing parts and we are hoping to provide them with all their marketing requirements for this business too.

The Acton website was designed and built to be targeted at owners of dairy processing plants, so the information provided had to be carefully tailored to appeal to a niche market.

It is our belief that a well designed and built website should not be full of clutter and heavy on words as the viewer will soon lose interest and potentially look elsewhere.