Photography & Art Direction

Our own digital photography service

For many years now we have provided a full digital photography service and are often asked by clients to photograph a completed residential project or a new fencing project and these high res images are often used on both marketing material or websites.

We also have good contacts in the trade and have worked with many professional photographers who have studios, so a bespoke photo session where we can art direct this for you is something we have done many times and it is often the best way to produce totally bespoke and unique images not available anywhere else.

We also have a sister business called TigerMoth ArtWorks that has a vast collection of photography and artworks that could adorn the walls of your business and that will be launched soon.

Although we have mentioned photography in this sector, we are also able to produce artworks and illustrations to cover just about any subject matter and again these new portfolio collections will be represented under the TigerMoth ArtWorks banner, so keep a look out for the launch of the new website that will jnclude many unique and bespoke offerings for all tastes.