Advertising & Public Relations

The modern way to spread the word

TigerMoth Design can provide you with all the essential marketing requirements you will need as well as advertising and PR. We have created many high impact advertising campaigns over the years, although it’s a media that seems to be less appealing these days where everything is featured on a website.

However, we are creative thinkers as well as designers, so always enjoy the challenge of promoting a service or product. In terms of PR, we feel this is a specialist area and would recommend a professional colleague as this is a like minded creative individual who we have worked with for many years and knows the PR industry inside out. PR can be a specialist language, so we would get our contact to speak with you direct if this is a marketing requirement that would be of interest.

Our PR contact is also well versed with the latest in social media and although we build all these links into our websites, she could help guide you in how to get the best out of a modern way to spread the word for your business. If you need more information on our PR and social media contact, please let us know and we can send you details.