Building & Vehicle Signage

Designed to cover all your requirements

TigerMoth Design have been involved in many signage projects, both externally and internally for buildings and all manner of vehicle signage.

This all forms part of the overall company branding when a company identity has to be consistent across all media with signage being no exception. We have created total wayfinding signage for some major buildings in the North West and have often been complemented for our clear and visual designs that get you to where you want to be.

We have also branded many company vehicles and believe a well designed truck or van is a great way to build brand awareness and we often get feedback from clients who say they have had good business leads from people who have spotted their company vehicles.

Apart from wayfinding signage in buildings, we have also designed and produced acrylic panels for shops and offices as well as digital wallpaper for total wall coverage which can make a great statement piece in modern premises. We understand how different substrates work and what is best for a specific project, so will guide you as to what we feel is the right signage finish for your project.